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Soft fruits are nutritious, tasty and versatile. Available all year round, they are an ideal healthy snack for consumers of all ages.

British Summer Fruits is the industry body that represents 97% of all berries supplied to the UK’s leading supermarkets. Our aim is to promote the consumption of berries grown both in the UK and abroad, collaborating with exporters during winter and spring and working closely with UK growers during the summer months.

The core functions of British Summer Fruits are to:

  • Finance and oversee the year round Seasonal Berries PR campaign
  • Act as a lobbying body to government (including DEFRA / Home Office / FSA) and collaborate with other industry bodies such as the NFU
  • Collect and disseminate historic sales data to members on a weekly basis and to customers annually
  • Carry out strategic targeted market research and tastings
  • Provide crisis management support to the industry
  • Collaborate with overseas exporters from Chile, Spain, Africa, Egypt, Argentina, Uruguay and Morocco
  • Maintain proactive relationships with all major supermarkets

Our members market and import strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

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