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British Strawberry Sales up 108% (June 2012)

Sales of British strawberries more than doubled last week compared to the same period in May 2008¹, and this week is expected to produce yet more record sales of our favourite British summer fruit. As a result of the hottest weekend of the year, demand for strawberries is at an all-time high, evidence that the 2012 British strawberry season is likely to be one of the best ever for both consumers and growers alike.

Recent warmer weather has sparked a huge demand for British strawberries as consumers enjoy picnics, BBQ's and outdoor entertaining. British Strawberries in season and available now are considered some of the best tasting berries ever produced as the result of this year’s perfect growing conditions.

Laurence Olins, Chairman of British Summer Fruit said, ‘This year’s crop is of excellent quality, with larger, sweeter and juicier berries as a result of the mild and warm spring weather, with no frosts and good pollination, lots of bees as well as a good amount of uninterrupted sun to ripen fruit. The long range forecast for the summer is also looking positive which means we are expecting a long and successful season full of not only the best strawberries we’ve ever produced but we will have some fantastic flavoured raspberries and blackberries available later this summer if the sun continues to shine’.

This year there is a better selection of British strawberries in supermarkets than ever before due to the introduction of new varieties that have been developed specifically to suit the UK climate and consumers, who like naturally sweet strawberries.

One of the most versatile of fruits, strawberries can be enjoyed straight from the punnet, as a healthy smoothie or with the more traditional sugar, cream or ice-cream. Strawberries should always be served at room temperature to best enjoy their full flavour and powerful aroma.

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